Life on a Houseboat

by I Can See Mountains

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released June 11, 2013



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I Can See Mountains Buffalo

Gone Beachy

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Track Name: One Mirror, Two Bodies
Revelations in a hotel bathroom, Rebecca's dancing in the rain. Chatter over leaky faucets. One mirror, two bodies.
Talk fast into the bottle. Come in, and let your blonde hair down. Tell me about a lifeless body, some promise in numbers.

Driving 80 through a country road mall. I wasn't smoking because you hate the smell of cigarettes. Turned the drunk bus into new trust with me. We were dancing in the basement of this bar. We made our mark for freedom. Then I taught you indie dance moves. Then we lost track of time counting stars in our eyes and we both realized we were inspirational.

We were walking down end streets like the salt on your teeth from that foreign sea. Gorged with promise. Smoke-filled champion.

It's Saturday shouldn't you be up at the bar, cautiously dancing to your favorite David Bowie song. The future, the loser, and me.
If I had my way then we would climb up on this car, pass you a note that says come with me to Brooklyn. The future, the loser, and me.

Considering that I cannot think of a word that intertwines gold and democracy I will end my week on notes of good exposure.
Maybe I’ll sink, maybe I’ll swim. I’ll bet I spend the majority of them floating.

Will you feel the same when my hair gets longer? And will you feel the same when your eyes see sober?
Track Name: Life on a Houseboat
The floor creaks and I'm still whistling. The sun's up, I want that warm gun. That's life out in the ocean. I want the taste of salt on my tongue. You're pacing towards remission. I'm drinking dirty water. There's hope inside your blue eyes. Your father's only daughter.

I'm going outside. I swear I saw a million stars right above my bedroom window. Outside, we were laughing in the moonlight, voiding the contracts that we didn't sign.

Entertaining the politicians wife. I never thought I would ever lead this life. Life on a houseboat gets real sad, at least I get to dance with dad.

We come to sad realizations everyday where it might seem best to drift away. Take a note from Dan and jump the boat, flip on your back and float float float. But the main points of your theory are just slightly condescending. I've invested too much effort. I'm entirely entitled to be lost.

I've been having such, such evil thoughts where I go out back cut my feet off. I will need them life's adventures gone, now I sit at a desk and burn my tongue. The cashews on the floorboards are spelling out sings of life's potential. Where did you go wrong? No where'd I go wrong?
Track Name: Sea Legs
Wash all the mud off your lucky black shoes, show this shitty planet that you care way more than I do. I can’t blame September or the lack of inspiration. I miss the smell of your dirty blonde hair, watching every strand go surfing through your sunroof. I stayed very quiet I was respecting the tradition.

And the satellites exist to guide you home
Some stars are meant to burn alone
It was the dog days that finally let me know
Some stars are meant to burn alone

Visions of you in your tiny rear view, I was fucking wasted thought I would never see you. I really miss your headrest it was my artificial backbone. If you would have known, this wouldn’t be special. If you would have known, I wouldn’t be symmetrical. I was walking with my head down, letting the darkness eat my brain.
I wasn’t clever enough to realize we’re better off in paradise. Sleeping off a Friday night, Tangling up I’m cold as ice.

I drew a picture of my family, it’s just a bunch of people standing around.
Track Name: Snake Eater
I’m coming up, my uncle Bill was just in love with doing drugs.
Climbing ladders slamming nails into his thumbs.
It’s ok he hugs his kids every Sunday.
I’m dressing up to feel important while I’m really fucking up.
There’s no shame behind a family haircut.
It’s ok it grows back faster than you think.

Snake eater won’t you eat the snake. Won’t you?
Snake eater won’t you eat the snake?

Hey .01 where were you when I was getting nasty drunk?
Finding friends while Derek mingled with the bums.
It’s ok I know there’s no good in cocaine.
September 1st I’m laying face down in a pile of my words.
September 3rd changed every aspect of my world.
It’s ok we’ll swing dance away on our Fridays.
Like how you spent your Thursdays drinking margaritas until your eyes bleed. I like life more when I can’t see.

Watch out for razors cut your soft tissue I still believe in Mike’s lack of issues. I had a vision lake side subscription down to the water that’s when we said na na na nana na na

I’ll build a house on a big old hill
Cut my air supply and roll to the bottom
At the bottom plant my body grow a new one.
Track Name: She's My Bobby Orr
So you were holding a space by the window a spot by the wall and I’m cold again. Maybe when we get back the two of us could stand, under waterfalls drinking the pouring rain. Sharing simple thoughts in the light of day. Reading monologues as you wash them away.

What are the chances that you’ll drive me home?
It’s too bad there are no back roads to take us all the way home.
Can we start a holiday, quit our jobs and puff away, arrested on your birthday.

Every time tom gets in over his head, he calls me every day over and over again, to get clean again, to see clear again. Maybe when we’re older we can reconnect, live out our new lives like Johnny Carson did.

There was a glare in the window staring back at me, you had a hitch in your smile and it said life doesn’t mean much more than this.
There was a kink in your jacket that made me believe that the life and the car ride was worth repeating. Slow motion, closed emotion, lets just sing.

It was a long lost bliss that made me forget that the other side of town never sees the grass I’m always planting.
Track Name: I Play the Fox
Collin means well he’s just dramatic
Wears his collar like a book store addict
hallowed angel to handsome devil
I’m slightly jealous of his store bought wisdom
If California is slightly L shaped
Then Nebraska has better landscapes
Ill meet you in the state with fresher air

You’re torn about the loss of your fictional brother
And I don’t know the last time that i've see you sober
If the lamp burns out at least we’ll have each other
When the sun comes up ill be halfway to Holland

There’s no radio but there’s some paper
I’ve got some beach boy records
I’m sorry there’s no blow
If Brian Wilson was your savior
I wouldn’t question your odd behavior
Ill meet you in the state with fresher air

Ill button my jacket turn out the headlights
Put on my glasses block out the sunlight
I believe in acid showers
Pasty skin and wilted flowers

I believe in well popped collars
Purple rain and worn out sweaters

You’ve got terrible posture, free spirited monster
We could straighten your back out
Yeah I think I’ll black out
Track Name: Sweater Science
Hey we’re in this together bring my favorite sweater because you wear it better. You’re my only tether to the warmer weather. Like birds of a feather care free fly together.

Ripped jeans, bare foot, matching tattoos, a true scoundrel.
We’re in this together.
Your favorite song, I’ll hum along, bad teeth, nice hair,
We’re in this together.
I’m counting bricks, on broken homes, halo your head.
We’re in this together.
Train ride is hell, fine in the end, I’ll meet you there.
We’re in this together.

Foster homes for the clinically alone, count your pills and board the doors though. Think of me in the southern snow, as you draw faces on foggy windows. Maybe I was too young to realize, love the accent, the blue in your eyes. Spend the year learning southern English, pronounce my drawl and keep my throat clear.

New jeans, bare foot, tattoos covered, reformed scoundrel.
We’re in this together.
Your favorite song, I’ll hum along, nice teeth, bad hair.
We’re in this together.
I’m breaking bricks, I’m counting homes, your head, halo.
We’re in this together.
Train ride is swell, fine in the end, I’ll see you there.
We’re in this together.

You told me smoke gravitates towards pretty girls in autumn air.
Track Name: Campfire Skin (Pt. 2)
All the kings men have been searching old wrecks in my head
Where the hells Donny Spence been? Reading old books he can’t swim. Oh he’s on the coast, I miss him most.

I’m just drenched from squeezing rainclouds
I go out at night to bring back medals from wars I didn’t fight
Semi-formal Sunday best
Found to black eyes my best yet.

Face to face with some crack head, sandpaper tongue at wits end
Coal miners son at breakfast, medicine man to his friends
Telephone wires circling my hear I was up for bear hugs in your bed
Long shirt with campfire skin

The air feels different mostly, the world is spinning calmly
Theres a wall to climb in ocean city and im not ready
I go out at night, you get drunk and die.
Track Name: Glory
I heard you’re rummaging again, I really wish you’d stick to coffee.
I never used to call you friend, now I’d standing in your lobby and I say lets talk about it I want to be friends with your friends. I want to watch indie movies with you.

Then you said you want to see the ocean through a damaged set of lenses. And you said you want to see the ocean on three hits of acid
Maybe we could make a home here if you weren’t such a selfish bastard.

You woke up in my bands shirt, how did it get so faded?
Don’t say that you see mountains, youre seeing just small hills again. Bagels or ice cream I want to know what you mean when you say that youre eyes are fading, Warren G. Harding was never that interesting.

You’re a ticking time bomb, feel free to explode into me.
I’ve got my reasons why your mind and eyes are worth fighting for
On your way home there is a tree that never loses its leaves, I like to picture it naked worn, tired, void of life like me.

When I left your house this morning, the hip was mixing with your wine. In the middle of the riot I had one thing on my mind.

Lets talk about it.

I want to know what you mean when you say that you’re eyes are fading, this house is haunted, I’ll never fall back asleep.
Track Name: One Big Table
Hey weatherman, can you stay true?
You’re facing a little test, but I’ve got faith in you.
Now I had bigger plans, but they fell through.
Can’t believe that you wanted to leave, can’t believe that you married a seamstress.
Now I can see your hands, shaking like they always do.

Relation. Ships.

You’re lying through your teeth now say hello.

I was as high as the sky in your eyes, you were as white as your favorite color. Mike and Meg comfortable I saw them dancing through the window. She’s always been the apple of his eye, funny thing is he’s standing in an orchard. Looks like he’s buttoned his shirt up too tight, I wonder why he hasn’t said hello.

You’re lying through your teeth now saw hello.

The signs are everywhere, I’m wine drunk alone Norah Jones in my headphones. The cupboards bare, steal a few weekends here and there. Remember I’d leave you those notes after classes, they’d say to call me I’m missing your mattress. Remember I’d leave you those notes on your windshield, they’d say to call me I’m missing your laugh kid.

I know you’re sad, I’ll hang up a light for every year you’re missing.
I’ll hang up a light for every year you’re gone.
Track Name: The Tigers Have Found Me and I Do Not Care
The morning crept in like the sound of church bells peaking their head through the cracks of the foreign floorboard.
Like a ghost it washed through the room
shifting our sleep patterns and slightly tilting the picture frames.
Is this what we have to look forward to?
No this is what we’ve been looking forward to

ive got a weeks worth of old cigarettes
and they’re buried somewhere in my chest
i think id rather walk and have another
we could talk about old precedents
and what the lines in your forehead meant
maybe entertain the thought of swaying in your headlights

So good morning baby
(Haven’t seen you lately)
i know i saw you last night
but in the light you make me dizzy

So i was counting counting counting every step that’d wed take
side step the puddles in our way
it really seems that it has been raining for days
turning pot holes into man made lakes

Chlorine eyes
you burned my virgin thighs
i finally realized
progress means monetize
You said we’re all together, maybe that means forever

You say youre stuck in a rut
id say its anything but
You fall right back in line
Back in line you fall right

jackie said the monuments are lucky cause they can sleep forever
jackie said the pyramids are lucky cause they can sleep together
jackie said the rocks at Stonehenge are lucky cause they can sleep forever
the cigarettes you light from both ends are lucky cause they can burn forever

all you want to be is a ghost
all you want to be is a ghost
Inside jokes that last forever, your tough skin as thick as leather
On a plane, on a train, peace of mind, western states
This is my kind of day as the smoke falls away

Can you settle for my shadow?